The Solar Industries Logistics, Supplies, and Vendors will not be the same🤯

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The Solar Industries Logistics, Supplies, and Vendors will not be the same due to this Pandemic, which could hurt your business❗🤯

✨Here are some ways to limit the effects and adapt to the current conditions arising.

✅Strengthen the relationship with suppliers more than ever and help each other’s business grow.

– With the constant changes happening in the world due to the pandemic. Solar companies need to communicate with their suppliers and share information in regard to their common industry. This will allow both companies to have the most up to date news, concerns, and projects.

✅Be loyal to your existing suppliers and they will be loyal to your business.

– The current situation calls for a strong community relationship if you want your business to survive. Business owners need fewer worries on their plate. By having good relationships with vendors, business owners can trust that their materials will have no interruptions.

✅Be ready to adapt to changes and always communicate with your customers.

– You need to understand what your suppliers are also going through, due to this pandemic. Many manufacturers and logistics company’s productions are taking longer. This is the time to let your customers know what is going on. They will appreciate your honesty and professionalism.

✅Be open-minded to everyone’s situation

– Your community is being subjected to a potentially life-threatening situation. Solar is not a priority for logistics companies and your customers.

✅Reach out to your vendors and communities during these hard times.

– Letting them know that you are concern and understanding will go a long way in your relationships. When you have contact with them. Ask them how they are doing and how are their families coping with the situation. Be legitimate to your concerns.

✅Constantly learn from your day to day operations during this world pandemic.

– Always research alternatives and put not 1 or 2 backup plans in place but 3 if possible in regards to material resources. The biggest slowdown with materials is due to shipments from China. Establish American sources for materials.

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